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My offer

An overview of what I can offer you.

You will find that a professional website does not always require a lot of time and money.
You choose the functions you want on the website as well as in the CMS that manages the website.

This will allow your online presence to grow perfectly with your business.
A website that fits your corporate style and your wishes without losing user-friendliness towards your customers.
We start from a "blank" content management system (CMS) with just the functions you really need.
No time to manage your site yourself? I can take over these tasks for you.
Also known as "mobile display". Your website will be displayed correctly on all devices. You will not lose any mobile customers.
Make your website evolve with your business? At predetermined dates we can follow this up together.
Enhance your online presence by integrating social media into your website.
A professional website that fits nicely into your budget.
Your website will be tested on all browsers (firefox, chrome, explorer, safari, ...).
Make sure your customers can easily reach you with a simple contact form.
No domain name yet? I can help you with this.
A faster loading time for your visitors by optimizing your images.
I like a challenge, feel free to test me with an "out-of-the-box" question.